Raising Funds at a 42 degC Bunnings BBQ

Raising Funds at a 42 degC Bunnings BBQ

We are serious about helping Central Coast kids even at a Bunnings BBQ on a 42 degree day!? Pink faces to match the pink shirts!

Why a Bunnings BBQ?

As we know Bunnings BBQs are a wonderful way to raise funding and we’re very grateful for the opportunity Bunnings give us. And we need funds to buy items that are either special, or many times when we have a gap when the donations we receive don’t quite meet demand. Every dollar we receive from the community goes directly to buying items for vulnerable families; nothing goes to operating costs which we fund from other sources,  primarily grant funding.

Why carry on in a heat wave?

Good question! Firstly we did need the income. Although because of the heat wave we only made half of the normal profit, that half was important. Secondly it was about commitment and reliability.  When a family is in need we pride ourselves on supporting them on time, every time. And this flowed over to the BBQ; we’d given a commitment to Bunnings and we followed through on that commitment. Furthermore we knew we had great teamwork and with frequent roister changes we knew we could make it.

We made it, Bunnings gave us some icy poles! And we later we were amused saw other Bunnings stores had cancelled their BBQs – made us feed quite tough.

Every dollar counts ??

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