Can anyone identify this?

Can anyone identify this?

Here’s a question for you  – can anyone identify this for us??

We’re a bit baffled not sure what this little wonder is used for? We’ve had team meetings Team discussions and turned it upside-down and inside-out without coming up with an answer.

Many people responded to “can anyone identify this?”

So many thanks. Some like us came up with suggestions like a doll-carrier or a temporary high chair, or some sort of baby sling. But many  recognized its true identity – a shopping trolley cover see shopping trolley cover .

Our range at We Care

We focus on the core essentials.  Items we carry listing  .

Our core items are children’s clothing, nappies, bed linen, essential kid’s and mother’s items, and care & safety equipment. Cots, prams, high chairs and the list goes on. This is what we call our ‘can’t do without’ range.

We also carry a range of new and high quality children’s books and toys. In some ways you could think of these  as ‘non-core’ but stories and playing are essential to children’s development. We started with toys in a small way but have continued to expand this section as the demand has increased. A lot of the toys we distribute go to kids who incredibly don’t have any toys!

In addition we carry a range of ‘luxury items’. By luxury we mean items such as top brand hair shampoo and conditioner, skin creams, and feel-good items. With the enormous support of Share the Dignity Share the Dignity we give our handbags crammed with items packed by women for women.  And we do this to support the mums who are doing the hard work of supporting the children, and who are often forgotten.  It’s our way of saying ‘hope this gives you a lift, you’re not forgotten’.

Finally we have those one-off items that come in and we can find just the perfect new home for. Like a shopping trolley cover. That is of course when we know what it is.

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