Can anyone identify this?

Can anyone identify this?

Here’s a question for you¬† – can anyone identify this for us?ūü§Ē

We’re a bit baffled¬†ūüôĄ¬†not sure what this little wonder is used for? We’ve had team meetings¬†Team discussions and turned it upside-down and inside-out without coming up with an answer.

Many people responded to “can anyone identify this?”

So many thanks. Some like us came up with suggestions like a doll-carrier or a temporary high chair, or some sort of baby sling. But many  recognized its true identity Рa shopping trolley cover see shopping trolley cover .

Our range at We Care

We focus on the core essentials.  Items we carry listing  .

Our core items are children’s clothing, nappies, bed linen, essential kid’s and mother’s items, and care & safety equipment. Cots, prams, high chairs and the list goes on. This is what we call our ‘can’t do without’ range.

We also carry a range of new and high quality children’s books and toys. In some ways you could think of these¬† as ‘non-core’ but stories and playing are essential to children’s development. We started with toys in a small way but have continued to expand this section as the demand has increased. A lot of the toys we distribute go to kids who incredibly don’t have any toys!

In addition we carry a range of ‘luxury items’. By luxury we mean items such as top brand hair shampoo and conditioner, skin creams, and feel-good items. With the enormous support of Share the Dignity¬†Share the Dignity we give our handbags crammed with items packed by women for women.¬† And we do this to support the mums who are doing the hard work of supporting the children, and who are often forgotten.¬† It’s our way of saying ‘hope this gives you a lift, you’re not forgotten’.

Finally we have those one-off items that come in and we can find just the perfect new home for. Like a shopping trolley cover. That is of course when we know what it is.

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