Our Story

Every journey begins with the first step

As with many community programs the starting point was a garden shed with a few people sharing their no longer needed children’s clothes with families in need. As the word spread more and more people brought their gifts and more and more families in need received a helping hand. Clothes expanded to nappies and then to cots and prams, and the range continues to increase.

The program has grown and grown because there is so much need and so much generosity; a community program, sharing the love and making a difference.

“Every donation goes to an individual family in need, free of charge, as part of a package of support by a trained community worker”

The Central Coast is an idyllic region of NSW: a tourist haven with clean air, beautiful beaches, national parks and countryside. It is also a region burdened with poverty and need; more than 9000 children live below the poverty line. We can’t just ignore these children.

Our program is driven by overwhelming need and the Humanitarian Imperative that when a person suffers, we experience the compassion to reach out and help.

Then there are many steps to the journey’s end.

We Care – people saying “no” to childhood poverty

Nuts and Bolts

We Care Uniting is a not-for-profit charity supporting children living below the poverty line and in other vulnerable situations across the Central Coast with clothing, nappies, bed linen and essential care and safety items & equipment. All support is given free of charge as part of a total package of care provided by trained case and community workers;from over 30 community support groups and welfare agencies. {photo – case worker collecting a request}

The program has 30 categories of size/gender clothing, 12 categories of accessories, 20 categories of shoes, 6 categories of nappies, 6 categories of children’s essentials, 4 categories of mum’s essentials, 20 categories of bedding linen, 20+ types of equipment, children’s books and a range of miscellaneous.

We added a second string to the program in 2016, partnering with the Toukley Neighbourhood Centre to cook meals for the hungry. Each week our volunteers prepare and freeze wholesome meals for distribution to those in need. The program prepares over 2000 wholesome meals a year.