Emma McBride MP Supporting We Care Uniting

Emma McBride MP Supporting We Care Uniting

On the Friday before Christmas Emma McBride MP and her great team volunteered their time with us preparing personal packs which will be given out to mum’s throughout 2018 ? A huge THANK YOU

Something special for mums

While 99% of our program is focused on vulnerable children, we also think of mum. We prepare Personal Packs crammed with essentials and little luxuries are to give something special to mum as well ? And we don’t forget single dads. They get a personal pack as well.

Emma McBride MP

Emma supports us in so many ways.  In May 2017 Emma presented We Care Uniting to the House of Representatives!  We felt really special.  Emma presents We Care Uniting to Parliament May 11 2017

At the same time Emma also supported our May 2017 donation drive, May-B-Baby May-B-Baby Campaign in two major ways. First of all Emma sponsoring a key newspaper advertisement in Central Coast Advocate.  On top of that Emma provided her office as a drop off point for the campaign.

Even better Emma McBride has continued to make her office at Suite 204, Level 2 Mariners Centre of Excellence, 1 Bryant Dr, Tuggerah, NSW 2259, available as a drop off point. And then Emma and her her team came for a volunteer morning for Christmas. Amazing support.

Corporate and group volunteering

Group and corporate volunteer days are just the best. This is because they  really allow us to get some of the big jobs done. We had a brilliant corporate volunteer day by Mars-Master Food Mars-Master Foods Corporate Volunteer Day and a fantastic school girl group volunteer day in October .  We’d love to hear from any group who would like to come support us.

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