Free Market Day at the Young Parent’s Hub

We held our first Free Market Day in partnership with the Young Parent’s Hub, North Wyong, enabling vulnerable families to choose what they needed without a price tag.


 We partnered with The Young Parent’s Hub



The Young Parent’s Hub is one amazing place. Under one roof The Hub has heaps of programs providing support, educational and employment pathways for  over 80 young parents. It’s also home to the SPCC DALE young parents school where young women with children are studying for the High School Certificate?

Check them out:

Some of you may remember the Remington shavers ad “when my wife bought me the shaver I liked it so  much I bought the company!” We were so  impressed we partnered with the Young Parent’s Hub to put on a free market day allowing us to reach over 150 children in need.??‍??‍?


Bringing the Free Market Day together

The Young Parent’s Hub was an ideal way to reach heaps of kids in need and allow young mums to choose what clothes, shoes etc were best for their children?
So we took THOUSANDS of items so EVERY MUM had a great selection???

Day -1 we arrived with a truck and started unpacking.

 Many hands make light work  – some of our workers (below) who transformed the piles of goods into order. Helen, Derryck, Gloria, Wendy, Jackie, Mel from We Care, with Alana and Simon from The Hub. 

Hitting the Go button

The prams rolled in and we were off. Everyone was wonderful only taking what they needed. Mums were able to fit shoes, select colours, get the correct sizes and get a perfect toy or book, and we had plenty of attractions for the young mums as well!??

We reached over 150 vulnerable children distributing 3214 items averaging 21 items per child.


The plan was for a one day market but extended to the next day to meet the need ?












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