Knowing Kids – Play Dough On The Lake

Knowing Kids – Play Dough On The Lake

Being a vulnerable children’s support program is all about knowing kids needs. Fortunately our We Care volunteers know a lot about kids! Mel playing with the play dough and getting along wonderfully with the little ones?at our recent event at Canton Beach.

Knowing kids

When we say We Care volunteers know kids we don’t mean in a professional sense. One of our strengths is that we support qualified community workers to support vulnerable families. This means that that everything we give is part of a total package of care.

First of all we know kids because most of our volunteers are mothers and grandmothers. So when we’re looking for say a toy or book for a six year old, one of our volunteers has probably got one. Or had experience with a six year old recently.

Next we also have the experience of several retired preschool workers who have that extra knowledge.

Team work

It’s all part of team work, our volunteers sharing knowledge to support Central Coast kids in the best way possible. We Care team work


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