Quality Means Everything to Us at We Care

Quality Means Everything to Us at We Care

Quality means everything to us at We Care Uniting. Being poor doesn’t mean getting second best?

All the donated items of equipment we receive are checked thoroughly to ensure they are safe, in good working order and clean.  Terry, one of our We Care volunteers,  is reassembling a bassinet to make sure all the bolts are there, and everything is safe. Then to make sure that the equipment that be easily put back together we always add any tools needed. This usually means an allen key,sometimes a screwdriver and occasionally a spanner! Sometimes we create a set of instructions.

The wonderful world of flat packs!???


Why Giving Best Quality is Uppermost

High quality is critical to us because it sends the clear message “you’re important”. We don’t give families second best  because no kid is second best!


Our Finishing Touches

When we’ve checked and assembled everything, we then pack the items as attractively as possible. One way we do this is by packing loose items into cloth bags that we have made from spare material, and popping in a soft toy in a front pocket. See our posts on preparing bags Our We Care sewing corner and the finished product Something extra special


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