We are a community program supported by…

Our Community

We Care Uniting can give freely because we receive freely. So many wonderful people across the Central Coast are supporting vulnerable children in our community by sharing their  pre-loved children’s items. These direct-action gifts from the heart really make a difference.

We rely on the generosity of our local community to provide essential items to local disadvantaged families and to share the joy of parenting with each other. We are also proud that we are doing our part in reusing and recycling much-loved items to help protect our precious environment.

Together we are saying ‘no’ to poverty in our community.

Our Volunteers

We Care Uniting is 100% volunteer based. It takes thousands of hours to collect, sort, pack and distribute everything we give to vulnerable families. Volunteers are the strength of our program, so many people devoting their time, energy and hard work.

Our volunteers contribute is so many ways, all invaluable: some can manage an hour or two, others contribute days of work a week; some sort & pack, others bring IT, networking, management, promotion and many other needed skills. A diversity of skills with a shared goal; community in action. We were really proud to win the 2018 Central Coast Region Volunteer Team of the Year Award.

Our Supporters

Wonderful individuals, schools and preschools, church congregations, Girl Guides, Zonta International, sister charities Mummies Paying It Forward and St Kilda Mums, businesses, corporations, and our local State & Federal MPs support us in amazing ways. We have also received support from groups outside the Central Coast who have become major supporters!

We Care Uniting is a ‘hands-on action’ program and what is wonderful is that our supporters give us ‘hands-on support’. Bulk packs of nappies & wipes, care and gift packs, and products we can sell at our Donation Days. And if that’s not their line of business they go out, buy them and give them to us.

We couldn’t do what we do without every one of our supporters.

So many thanks.


Community action is collective action. We Care Uniting is a community program, supporting other community groups and supported by other community groups.

Networking multiplies the effectiveness and impact of our donors and volunteers.

In turn we support community groups – Neighbourhood Centres, Emergency Care centres, midwives and other programs.

Community organisations and forums support our program with expertise and resources. They help us to help others even more.










“Never underestimate the difference YOU can make in the lives of others.
Step forward, reach out and help.
This week reach to someone that might need a lift”