Team Work Where One Plus One Equals Three

Team Work Where One Plus One Equals Three

Team conference on the fly – team work in action at We Care Uniting. This is our 1+1=3 magic that propels We Care to reach more and more vulnerable children with ever increasing impact. 

Valuing of Volunteers

Our volunteers are the core of We Care Uniting, our program could work without the dedication and sparkle our many volunteers bring. And everyone of our volunteers brings a unique skill or talent or experience base that builds the skill and experience base of the whole program! And because of this we thank and value everyone at We Care Uniting. This is our magic ingredient, team work pooling our expertise to achieve the very best support for Central Coast vulnerable families ?.

We’re always looking for new volunteers, we’d love you to come and volunteer with us Volunteer with We Care Uniting


Team Work in Action

Everything we give is tailored to the individual child. It has to be right!

We receive Requests from a case worker asking for a range of items to support a vulnerable families. This may include children’s clothing of different gender.sizes, shoes, nappies, accessories, bed linen and perhaps something like a cot or a pram. Across our volunteers we have the skills needed. First of all we need Facebook, web design and promotion skills to raise awareness and generate donations. Following this we need stock management skills to organize the thousands of items that come in and go out. And then we need the skills to choose the ideal items for each individual family.  Then finishing touches to make everything we give that little bit special Knowing Kids. And finally we need the analytical shills to measure and improve our reach and impact.  All amazing team work.?

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