Thank you Katherine, Wyong Junior Girl Guide

Thank you Katherine, Wyong Junior Girl Guide

Thank you amazing Katherine, Wyong Junior Girl Guide, for donating her pre-loved toys to We Care Uniting for kids in need, all part of her Turquoise Gem Stone award!?

Super effort Katherine for your award??

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Why we need toys

Three main reasons:

  1. Families moving to new accommodation, such as after a period of homelessness or fleeing family domestic violence, have usually left their toys behind.  Some high quality pre-loved toys can be invaluable in getting them started.
  2. Plain poverty. As a result families just can’t afford good toys, and then the children suffer when they see their friends good toys that they don’t have.
  3. Special needs such as autism. The toys these children critically need are often beyond the family budget.  A double whammy.



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